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  Why Choose HOML ?
  • An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company with over 08 years experience in providing holographic solutions.
  • With four fully integrated state-of-the-art plants at Kolkata, India- and stringent quality measures, we ensure world-class quality.
  • Sustained Research and Development has always kept us ahead of competition and driven us to set new standards in product innovation.
  • Security Systems like electronic surveillance and services of professional security agencies employed for manual surveillance.
  • Secure delivery - We use first class courier companies like AFL and Blue Dart for domestic deliveries and DHL, UPS and FedEx for international deliveries.
  • Customer Service Department devoted to handle all customer queries.
  • Your Partner from Concept to Marketplace. We partner you right from the time the Idea is conceived to the implementation of the holographic solution.
  • International quality of holographic solutions at Indian pricing - Experience It !
  • One of the few companies in the world to have fully integrated and modern manufacturing facilities, under one roof and under a high security environment. Sophisticated master origination facility (Both Conventional Master Origination Laboratory and High Security Dot Matrix System [12000Dpi & 3000 Dpi]), with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment (imported from Europe), manned by highly qualified foreign-trained professionals.


Being in the security business, we take ample care to ensure that all our production is strictly accounted for. Checks and double checks are in place to ensure that there is no security compromise at our end. We appreciate the fact that our customers keep us in business to enhance their product and document security and unless our own systems are of the highest levels, the entire project may suffer. 

Some of the security features are as under - 

  • The entire security of our company has been entrusted to renowned security agency.
  • Access to the production area is restricted only to authorize workmen. 
  • Minimal visitors to the factory area and that too only after authorization from the Directors. 
  • The individual production activities are all carried out in locked rooms and all material and people movement is strictly on a 'Need To' basis. 
  • All the production areas are monitored through Closed Circuit Television Surveillance system which can be remotely monitored through WAN connectivity from anywhere on the globe.
  • Manual search and frisking is a standard security feature. 
  • All Masters and Shims are stored directly under the control of The Directors.  

HOML's Other Features and Benefits

Quality Products
Bright and attractive holograms to enhance your product and image
Immediate tamper evident feature for added security
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Large Product Selection
Stock and custom products to fit your needs and budget
No minimum order quantity on most custom products

Fast Service
EXPRESS stock products ship the same day
Custom imprinted stock images available within 1 week
Custom holograms available within 30 days

Excellent Customer Service
Expert advice
Friendly service
Free product samples to verify our products meet your needs
For custom products, we maintain an image registry for added security

Hologram Producer (not a distributor)
Holograms are produced in our facility for added security
Since we produce, more customizations are possible
We control the production schedule for faster service
Reputable company in business for over 10 years

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