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  Our Product Range

HOML manufacturers holograms, hologram labels, hologram stickers, holographic hot stamping foils, tamper evident labels & tape and tamperproof security tape. The following are some of our product range.


Holograms are mainly photographic images that are usually three-dimensional and appear to have depth. Holograms are frequently used to show the clarity and acceptability of the product. We supply both spool and sheet form. 

The spool form holograms are supplied with a gap of minimum 2.5- 3mm. These holograms can be applied both manually and automatically using automatic dispensing machine. They are mainly recommended for document protection, brand protection, brand promotion etc.

While the sheet form holograms are apt enough for manual application. Here the sheets are numbered serially for proper accountability of holograms. For square holograms there is no gap required but on the other hand, a gap of 3mm is required for circular and rounded corner holograms. This form of hologram mainly focuses on brand protection, document protection, and development of aesthetic look.

Holographic Strip

Holographic strip are the images and impression of the hologram that are engraved delicately on lacquered metal polyester films which are then subject to heat activated adhesive coating so that the user can laminate the holographic strip to the substrate using an attachment in the customerís existing lamination machine. They are mainly suggested for brand protection, brand promotion, continuous affixation and more.

Holographic hot stamping foil

Holographic Hot stamping foils are made in spool form and are mainly recommended for documents, cards, tax labels etc. Here the images of the holograms are curved on lacquered metal polyester films that is subject to special hot melt coating in order to enable the user transferring the holographic image to the substance using hot stamping machine.

Holographic Wads

In holographic wads, the holographic image is laminated with aluminum foil and in the later stage, they are coated with wax and LDPE for making hologram induction sealing wads. These types of holographic wads that provides extra security can be used like normal wads in containers, bottles etc.

Holographic pouch

In this age of fabrication and duplicity holographic pouch ensures safety and security. It is a combination of flexible printing technology with optical technology. Here the highest level of optical security features can be combined with printing technology to provide highly secured pouch. Not only to enhance a productís aesthetic looks these holographic films are also recommended for any products that have pouch applications too.

Holographic labels

Fake products have gripped the market and in order to identify which one is real and fake, we consider holographic labels as the best bet these days. Holographic labels of HOML not only provide aesthetic looks but also provide security in a single label. These labels can provide very cost effective solutions as it allows users to incorporate a variety of informations and security features in a holographic label. Here the uniqueness of this hologram is that you will find the full aluminum foil hologram in black background.

Holographic scratch

To prevent scratch off plastic cards, telephone cards, lottery cards from tampering, this time HOML has come up with their promises by launching holographic scratch off files. These holographic files are apt enough in gathering the characteristics of the conventional scratch off files. With multiple security features, it provides easy and neat scratch of high opaqueness and usually recommended for telephone cards, prepaid cards and more.

Holographic boards

For various packaging applications, holographic boards are widely used. The holographic boards of HOML are designed so delicately that it provides levels of optical security features and supports all kinds of printing.

Holographic Aluminum Foil

In holographic aluminum, foil of HOML comes well equipped with extra level of security because of the presence of optical security features. Here the holographic impressions are transferred on aluminum foil and then the existing aluminum foil is replaced by holographic aluminum foil that can be easily reprinted according to the customerís requirement. These types of foils are mainly used for Pharma packaging, Tag foil and more.

Holographic Transparent Laminate

If you believe in safety and security, Holographic transparent laminate can undoubtedly be your first choice. Holographic transparent Laminate mainly protects identity documents against the thread of counterfeit and forgery. These types of transparent laminates are mainly recommended to safeguard the identification document, matriculation certificates, permits etc. 

Holographic Breakable Vinyl

The Holographic breakable vinyl of HOML is a specialized temper evident paper label which is 100% self destructive in nature. As this label contains fibers, so it would be impossible for you to remove from the original surface at any costs. This vinyl acts as a highly secured product as it combines both optical and printing technology. These types of holograms are mainly used for jewelry, sports good labels and more.

Holographic Wide Web Film

If you believe in flexible packaging and want to impress your dear oneís heart by quality wrapping, then you can easily rely on this holographic wide web film. This special film of 40 inches is intended for packaging industry. This holographic wide web film comes with minimum thickness of 12 microns and 13 microns.

Shrink sleeves with Holography

As a reliable security solution, holographic shrink sleeves are simply fabulous. To protect branded drinks from counterfeit and refilling, HOML has come up with their latest invention. This holographic shrink sleeves, as a reliable solution incorporate a tamper evident holographic stripe that are safely attached to the inside of the sleeve. The distinct feature of this stripe is that it is reverse oriented with latest electron beam technology. They are mainly used in bottle packaging and in various liquid containers to signify purity and perfection.

Radio Frequency Identification Devices

Passports are now getting smarter with the introduction of Radio Frequency Identification Devices. In this terror struck environment, passport plays a vital role in identifying its holder and tracing his personal identification. These days many countries have proposed to design the passport with strict technology like RFID to facilitate efficient machine reading of biometric data. These RFID enabled passport has the power of identifying its holder and his other personal identification, helping the authority to track the duplicate person from foul intentions. This transparent RFID holographic tag enabled passport that is tamper evident in character stores all data of the passport holders with his original photo. Its specialty is that even if you loose your passport, you do not have to regret as you can easily examine it online and can have a fresh new one. 

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